We are a workshop of makers and do‑ers that share a passion for creating things that change lives.
A Bit About Us
Who We Are
Thinkering is a group of makers and do-ers that are passionate in creating things that change peoples lives. Our name is derived from “Thinking” and “Tinkering”, two things about which we are very passionate. We aim to leverage our diverse talents to produce innovative solutions to challenging problems.
What We Do
With backgrounds ranging from web design and marketing to software development and hardware, our collective experience is as skilled as it is diverse. Collaboratively, we create everything from independently sourced mobile apps to intricate digital platforms.
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Current Work
Everyone loves their CSA, but every good earth lover is presented with great internal conflict when they receive unwanted or unneeded foodstuffs. CSA Share Share provides an opportunity to make responsible use of the beautiful local produce we receive, either through sale or barter. Easily find new local produce that is available in your work or home community.
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The Team
Jay Palat
Software Engineer
Jacob Yundt
Linux Systems Expert
John Woodburn
David Troyer
Software Engineer
Jon Chmura
Software Engineer
Mike Derrick
Software Engineer
Spencer Sugarman
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